Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Busy Life

Wow there surely is never a dull moment! With 8 children and 10 grandchildren there is always something going on. Artur is home as most of you all know, all the children and us adults all enjoyed getting together to welcome him to America. This past Sunday everyone came to our farm and we had a fishing rodeo for the kids. We stocked our pond with trout and the kids fished most of the afternoon.
Lena and Erik have started school and seem to be adjusting well. Tyrone Area School District has been great in meeting the kids needs. They have gone above and beyond to assist the kids in having a positive experience at school, I am very pleased so far. Lena got accepted into the Art Studio program and she loves it.The school has paired both Erik and Lena with some great kids to help assist them during times like lunch.
Saturday we are heading to Disney World for a week and then a stop in Georgia on the way home to visit some friends and to do some turkey hunting and fishing. I am looking forward to some warm sunny weather!


  1. Mary Beth was excited to tell me that Mrs. Campbell asked her to have lunch with Lena. From what she says, Lena is really enjoying that group of girls - all great kids!